Thursday, March 11, 2010

Grill Time!

Hi cupcakes!

As the weather gets warmer in Athens, all I can think about is drinking on my porch and grilled food. The smell of the grill on a spring afternoon is phenom. Because of the ridiculously warm weather on this particular day, I decided it was finally time to begin using the grill again. So, I invited a friend over to do the grilling. Side note: I am totally NOT afraid of the grill and usually would prefer to do it myself, but we haven't used our grill in 3 months and, honestly, I am terrified I might blow something up. It's not the grill that scares me, it's that damn propane tank.

Anyway, I took some chicken breasts out of the freezer before class today (I know, right? thinking ahead is totally not my style) and rubbed them with some olive oil and Grill Mates Montreal Chicken Seasoning (literally makes you drool when you smell it). My dad swears by this super easy rub and I constantly use it as a quick way to spice (literally...haha) up chicken. Alright, back to the dinner. My dinner mate came over at 4:30 with his part of the meal (frozen veggies). We decided that 4:30 was way too early to start dinner, so, instead, we drank. I mean Nati Light and warm weather in Athens mix perfectly with porch sitting. We downed a few brews, heckled some people from the porch and after about an hour had passed, made the decision to begin feast preparation.

He threw the chicken on and put the veggies in an aluminum pan so we could just grill those, too. I, meanwhile, cooked some orzo rice in chicken broth. I am, personally, a huge fan of cooking any kind of starchy thing in chicken broth. I always substitute water for chicken broth (I usually do this with grits or pasta). I think it totally adds a different flavor to the dish. When everything was done cooking, we chowed. And chowed and chowed and chowed. The meal was insanely good and somewhat healthy (or so I like to tell myself :|). When we were done, we decided this dinner was fo sho a repeat.

All in all, the night was a success, further making me long for spring quarter (officially 16 days away). I, unfortunately, have zero pictures to post that even prove this night happened. My camera is on the fritz, so hopefully pops/best buy can fix that this weekend during my trip home.

I am past the point of exhaustion and really need to go to bed, so this is all for tonight. I will post from home. I am sure tam and mikey will bring a whole different level of ridiculousness to my posting. Oh, and below is a picture from FoodPorn again. Enjoy fellow foodies!

peace, love and grilling


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